POLAR Knife Trolley

The solution for safe storage and practical transport of knives and tools

The original POLAR knife trolley is the organization system for machine knives, tools and accessories.It offers space for 10 knives on the back. There is plenty of storage space behind lockable doors and in two drawers. The cutting bars are deposited on the side, so that all the required parts are well sorted and within easy reach at all times.
The large work surface facilitates preparatory work and assembly directly on the knife carriage.
Movable rollers make it easy to transport the knife trolley to any cutting machine

  • Complete equipment for a knife change always in one place 
  • Knives and tools always ready to hand and sorted 
  • The easy transport thanks to four movable rollers relieves the operator physically enormously. 
  • Suitable for all POLAR knife sizes

Technical Data

Width 1600 mm | 62,99 in
Depth 850 mm | 33,46 in
Height total 1745 mm | 68,70 in
working height 900 mm | 35,43 in
Number of Knives 10
Weight 190 kg

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Fully equipped product with no additional options.

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