Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 115

Automatic cutting machine POLAR Autocut 115

for highly automated label production

Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 115 is employed for the highly-automated production of square-cut labels on LabelSystem SC-21: The precut strips are manually positioned on the loading table and afterwards pushed onto the Autocut rear table. After their sides and fronts have been aligned they are cut into labels in a program controlled process. The cut labels are arranged on the front table (in the mobile aligning station), before a deloading device pushes them out into the multi-station bander.

Automatic Cutting Machines POLAR Autocut 115
Cutting width 1050 mm
Clamp opening up to max. 120 mm
Label size, max. 1050 x 230 mm
Label size, min. (depending on component) 20 x 40 mm
Strip width, max. 1050 mm
Strip width, min. 40 mm
Feed depth 1050 mm
Component for ..... LabelSystem SC-21

Configuring with

2 Options to

  • Clamp at deloading finger

    Clamp at deloading finger - Locks the label stacks while they are pushed into the banding unit BM-105 preventing labels from getting mixed up.

    Waste container

    Waste container

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