POLAR CuttingSystem 300

POLAR CuttingSystem 300

Efficient cutting system with semi-automated components in medium-size

Non-printed or prepared materials manage without jogging process.
POLAR CuttingSystem 300 handling medium sizes (up to 75 x 106 cm) are already semi-automated, because loading and unloading of the high-speed cutter are carried out automatically. This results in performance increase of up to 100 percent, and a substantial improvement of ergonomic conditions.

The workflow: Transomat TR 1 BL automatically pulls the material being cut from the stack onto the Transomat pallet and a pusher takes it to the high-speed cutter front table. After cutting, the Transomat E unit automatically stacks the completed reams on pallets.

Optional POLAR components with performance-enhancing features are available : The loading Transomat TR 3 BL ensures non-intersecting loading of the material onto the rear table of the high-speed cutter. Consequently, while the cutting machine is unloaded the new ream to be cut can already be transported onto the rear table.

High-speed cutter model POLAR "PRO" further optimizes the overall output of the systems.

POLAR CuttingSystem 300
ComponentsTechnical Data / Medium sizes
Paper size cm 63 x 88 75 x 106
Transomat BL Type TRB 150-3 TRB 150-3
High-Speed Cutter Model: POLAR N 115 POLAR N 137
Transomat E Type TRE 130-4 TRE 130-4


High-Speed Cutter POLAR N 115 PRO HD

High-Speed Cutters

POLAR high-speed cutters are the key components in finishing.

Unloading with POLAR Transomat

Transomat E

When high-speed cutters need to be unloaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

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