POLAR LabelSystem DCC-M

POLAR LabelSystem DCC-M

Stand-alone die-cutter based on the counter pressure principle for compressible materials in small and medium runs, ensuring high quality.

The extremely flexible, easy-to handle POLAR LabelSystem DCC-M is suited for processing compressible plastic materials, such as OPP foils for in-mold.

The workflow:

First of all the material to be die-cut is cut into label stacks by a high-speed cutter.
The precut label stack is manually placed into the feeder tray. Once the light curtain of the feeder tray is unobstructed, two gripper fingers automatically transport the products to the die-cutting space.

An integrated device is lifting the stack during the transport to prevent the lowermost sheet from being caught. The counterpressure plunger piston, which is the matching counterpart of the cutting die, moves through the cutting die and presses the label stack. During this process the label stack is fixed on all four sides.

After that the stamping punch pushes the compressed stack through the cutting die where the material is given its intended shape. The counterpressure plunger piston presses the stack out of the cutting die and transports it via a shuttle and into the delivery unit.

Customer benefits:

  • Job change in 10 -15 minutes with OptChange.
  • Motorized precision adjustment of the cutting die allows to work at the machine without any tools.
  • Ultimate die-cutting precision is achieved by aligning the stack on all four sides and clamping it before the actual die-cutting process
  • Minimum loss of material, because the stack is locked between the stamping punch and the counterpressure plunger piston, until it is unloaded.

Technical Data
Label size, min. 50 x 50 mm
Label size, max. 170 x 250 mm
Die-cut format, min. 46 x 46 mm
Die-cut format, max. 166 x 246 mm
Clamp opening, min. 35 mm
Clamp opening, max. Height of cutting die   -5 mm
Max. performance per minute 6 cycles


Fully equipped system with no additional components

Fully equipped system with no additional components

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