High-speed cutter POLAR TwinClamp

High-speed cutter POLAR TwinClamp

conceived especially for cutting materials in securities printing

Configure your POLAR TwinClamp high-speed cutter with performance-enhancing options tailored to your own requirements.

POLAR TwinClamp high-speed cutters were especially developed to meet the demands of the securities printing sector. Uneven inking, perforations or embossing (e.g. with bank notes) cause substantial height differences in the material, within one and the same ream. If such products are cut on common guillotine-type cutters cutting tolerances are inevitable. TwinClamp cutting machines are able to compensate such height differences and in this way allow to work with a higher clamp opening and still obtain a uniform cutting precision.
The most significant features of POLAR TwinClamp high-speed cutters:

  • Swivel and Tilting backgauge
  • Hold-down clamp at the backgauge rake
  • Profile false clamp plate 
  • OptiClamp

High-speed cutter POLAR TwinClamp 115 137
Feed depth, max. [mm] 1,100 1,400
Clamp opening max. [mm] 130 130
Smallest cut, automatic, with false clamp plate [mm] 50 50

Configuring with

9 Options to

  • Programmable clamping pressure adjustment

    Programmable clamping pressure adjustment - Correct clamping pressure can be programmed in addition to the cut size. > longer knife service life

    Automatic pressure regulation

    Automatic clamping pressure adjustment - Integrated sensors in the table ensure optimum clamping > higher cutting precision, longer knife service life

    Downholder in front of knife

    Downholder in front of knife - Prevents the cut products from getting mixed up and drifting away.

  • Separate air control for the front table

    Separate air control for the front table - Cut labels can be unloaded much easier and will not float off on the rear table

    Carbide-tipped knife (premium)

    Carbide-tipped knife (premium)


    AntiStickKnife - Special coating that prevents the adhesion of glues. > This increases the productivity by up to 30%.

  • Contoured false plate - Celasto

    Contoured false plate - Celasto

    Contoured false plate - rubber - width 80 mm

    Contoured false plate - rubber - width 80 mm

    Contoured false plate TwinClamp-rubber-width 140 mm

    Contoured false plate TwinClamp - rubber - width 140 mm

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