Banding of square-cut packs

Multi-Station Bander POLAR BM-105

Automatic in-line banding of square-cut packs

The BM 105 multi-station bander is employed with all the LabelSystems that produce square-cut labels.

Multi-station bander POLAR BM-105 is a component meant for the automatic banding of cut label stacks in POLAR LabelSystems SC-20 / SC-21. In a production cycle it is placed next to an automatic cutter, such as Autotrim M or Autocut.

  • Very easy to handle
  • Integrated into the work cycle it requires no manual handling
  • Excellent performance of up to 90 packs per minute
  • Very flexible thanks to fast conversion without requiring any tools

The pusher of the automatic cutter Autotrim M / Autocut automatically feeds rows of previously cut label stacks to the multi-label welding station where they are banded in one go, resp. Optional: Transfer station to automatically transport rows of banded label stacks (e. g. on conveyor belt).

POLAR Multi-Station Bander, type BM-105
Label size, max. 230 x 1050 mm
Label size, min. 20 x 40 mm
Clamp opening, max 120 mm
Clamp opening, min. 20 mm
Component for ..... LabelSystems SC-20 / SC-21

Configuring with

1 Option to

  • Transfer station

    Transfer station - The transfer station allows to unload banded stacks automatically onto a conveyor belt and e.g. transport them into a shrink-wrapping tunnel.

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