POLAR Pile Turner

Pile Turner PW-4 ABV

Automatic turning with airing and aligning features of medium-size format

The automatic POLAR pile turner PW-4 ABV is predominantly used for the medium-size format. This type of pile turner provides a high performance and short turning time, although it requires only little space.

In addition to the turning function the POLAR Pile Turner PW-6 ABV offers airing and aligning features. This improves the piling quality and is crucial for the subsequent production processes.

Furthermore, ABV models also provide a vibration feature. In tilted position and together with the airing function the vibration improves the pile condition even further.

Customer benefits

  • There are no long waiting times caused by manual re-stacking
  • Saves the material and prevents damages
  • Possible risks arising in the subsequent production process can be reduced by precisely aligning the stacks and blowing out the printing powder
  • Shorter production time, because ink dries faster

Pile Turning Half-size
SRA3 up to
52 x 74 cm
up to
75 x 105 cm
up to
105 x 145 cm
POLAR Pile Turners PW-4 ABV
Dimensions, width 80 x 120 cm
Carrying capacity, max. 1200 kg
Pile height, max.*) 136.5 cm
Pile height, min.*) 58 cm
Component for the preparation of printed sheets
*) including the pallets

Configuring with

2 Options to

  • Motorized rotation

    Motorized rotation - Motorized horizontal turning of pile by pushing a button.

    Extended opening

    Extended opening - Opening extended by 390 mm. Necessary when the printing press has an elevated position.

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