System die-cutter POLAR DCC

System die-cutter POLAR DCC

die-cutting of compressible materials with counter pressure system

The POLAR DCC system die-cutter forms the main item of a complete POLAR Label System for die-cutting soft materials which can be compressed under load.

The die-cutter uses counterpressure and is therefore particularly well-suited to special materials, such as plastic, metal foils and large label shapes.

Ultimate die-cutting precision and a uniform quality

  • Ultimate die-cutting precision, because stack is aligned on all four sides and pressed before the real die-cutting takes place
  • A uniform quality throughout the production process is ensured, because the die-cutting pressure is already built up before the actual die-cutting process starts
  • Easy set-up of the die with alternate-frame system outside the machine
  • Short make-ready time by motorized precision adjustment of the cutting die within the machine
  • Minimum loss of material, because the stack remains locked between the stamping punch and the counterpressure plunger piston

POLAR Die-Cutter, type ... System die-cutter DCC
Label size, max. 170 x 250 mm
Label size, min.: 50 x 50 mm
Die-cut size, max. 166 x 246 mm
Die-cut size, min. 46 x 46 mm
Clamp opening, max. 120 mm *)
Clamp opening, min. 35 mm
Component for ..... LabelSystem DCC-11
*) clamp opening = die-cutting tool minus 5 mm

Configuring with

1 Option to

  • Universal alternate frame

    Universal alternate frame - takes all types of cutting dies

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