Banding of die-cut packs.

Single-Station Bander POLAR BD

Automatic inline banding of die-cut packs.

Single-station bander POLAR BD is a component of a POLAR LabelSystems DC. It automatically bands labels to packs or logs with a max. length of 500 mm.

The BD single-station bander can be connected either to a DC system die-cutter or a DC-M stand-alone die-cutter. The die-cut labels are automatically banded inline.

The length of the pack is either determined by the stroke or by divider cartons, which are optically detected by a sensor and then pushed upwards and removed.

  • Short set-up times and user-friendly operation thanks to software-controlled, motorized size adjustment for parting-off unit and welding mechanism
  • High operating safety by ultrasonic welding
  • Easy changeover between pack and log banding
  • Careful material transport with special guide elements in delivery unit

Available banding materials are PE foil , PP adhesive tape or PE-coated Kraft paper.

POLAR Single-Station Bander, type.. BD
Label size, max. 170 x 210
Label size, min. 16 x 36 mm
Label size, min. with 40-mm tape   16 x 65 mm
Clamp opening, max. 125 mm
Clamp opening, min. 30 mm
Component for .....  LabelSystems

Configuring with

1 Option to

  • East-West banding

    East-West banding - In addition to North-South banding, the banding device can be equipped with the space saving East-West banding facility for banding logs.

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